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 Ladies and gentlemen on the 23 of October at the Tokyo film festival we lost someone who’s kindness and decentcy was truly something that redefinded the world. a world which to be honest was empty by his loss so here it is

This is a story which will bring back tadashi to his brother shock but a powerful lesson will be learnt about love and accpenence and at the end love will make everything better

Hiro was in his room watching a video of him and tadasi.

When Tadashi chared corpse when through the window.

AHHHH screamed Hiro at the fact that his older brothers corpse was thrown thourgh the window.

That’s when Aunt cass ran up stairs and saw the corpse of her eldest Nephew. AHHH she scream

Baymax then activated

OH Tadashi you seem to be suffering burns let me help you

BAYmax no yelled Hiro

That’s when Baym,ax stared spraying the corpse with Water.

Hiro has to go to therapy where his one dimensional friends were there waiting for him.

The person who dug up Tadashi was never caught but people are on the look out for a sex suarve Englsihmen who was believe to have done it.


Yeah i just realised i don’t really give a fuck about Tadashi being alive

TAdashi lives
a heartwarming epic to live through the ages


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okay for each 1,000,000 hits this guy gets he'll donate $600 please help out

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